About Morden Parish

The picturesque rural parish of Morden is in Dorset, north of Purbeck Hills, between Wareham and Blandford. Principally a community of four hamlets - Morden, East Morden, West Morden and Whitefields - it also covers part of Charborough Park to the north.
The busy A31 trunk road and A35 holiday routes both pass through the parish running east to west.

The parish covers an area of some 1489 hectares with a total population of c.325 (c.80 under the age of 18).
The electoral role stands at c.280

Employment within the parish traditionally relied on agriculture, forestry and estate maintenance, much of this linked to the Charborough Estate which still owns most of the land and in the past owned the majority of the houses.The reduction in such labour requirements together with the growth of opportunities in Poole and Bournemouth has led to a significant amount of employment now being found outside the parish.

The parish used to have a full time shop and Post Office which closed in the mid 1990’s.

As a result of intensive effort and fund raising by the parish, assisted by grants from the National Lottery amongst others, a new Village Hall was constructed in 2004.

The parish church of St Mary’s  forms part of the Red Post Benefice 

There is one public house -  The Cock and Bottle.

Much of the parish is designated a Conservation Area and there are a considerable
number of listed buildings, ancient monuments and historical features.